About Blake


More than 20 years ago, my wife Jeannie and I moved to Addison. It was a small town with big ideas, located on the northern edge of DFW. I have been privileged to watch our town grow, and even had the opportunity to contribute to that growth, as we took a regional leadership role that included:

  • Improving our airport to continue to attract major players in aviation and regional businesses
  • Capitalizing on our location and creating a pro-business climate that shifted the bulk of the tax burden off of our homeowners
  • Stay on top of DART’s expansion service, since joining as one of its founding members, to connect our residents and businesses to all that North Texas has to offer

Today, we are the same small town with big ideas, but we are no longer on the edges – we are smack dab in the middle of the DFW action. Over the years, Addison has continued to be a trendsetter in some aspects, but we are starting to fall behind in others. As your Mayor, I would like to see us:

  • Continue to focus on the Addison Airport, as it is our largest asset
  • Establish financial goals, including a well-defined debt policy, that will stop our growing unfunded liabilities and install policies and processes that keep Addison solvent into the future
  • Finish what we started with DART and see the Cotton Belt’s Addison Station groundbreaking with a goal of reaching DFW Airport before 2022
  • Address aging infrastructure such as improvements along Belt Line Road and Midway
  • Improve government transparency with clear public notices, more recorded meetings and better access to public records

I am uniquely qualified to help Addison reach these goals. I am:


  • Addison resident since 1994 – lives in the same house on Celestial Place since 1999
  • Perfect attendance while on City Council



  • More than 20 years in finance in both corporate real estate and the FDIC, which means I understand Addison’s unique tax base and what factors impact it
  • Longest serving Mayor Pro Tem in Addison history, appointed by two different Mayors, and confirmed unanimously by the Council to represent our town
  • City Councilman (2009-2015)
    • Advised on creation of high-tech incubator of Addison Treehouse
    • Crafted the Economic Incentive package that paved the way for Whole Foods to come to Addison, revitalizing a decaying shopping center
    • Led creation of Addison’s Economic Development Department
    • Chaired the Addison Airport Strategic Planning Initiative committee
    • Active in the Addison Rebranding, aka “Blue Dot”

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